Earth Hour 2014 Site Kit

Earth Hour 2014 Countdown Timer for Websites.With HTML5 video player

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Welcome to Earth Hour 2014 Site Kit 60+ Project Page

This is a project page from Myhyazid for supporting the Earth Hour Campaign.This project are to be used for only one hour to show your support to the Earth Hour campaign every year(the theme&design will change every year).This is design and created especially for all people who have self hosted blog(eg, hosted on hostgator etc,.) and blogger(still working on it)


I created this by using the Earth Hour kit from http://www.earthhour.orgfor the background and video.While the countdown timer, i would like to thanks to Martin Angelov from for the great tutorial on how to create a colourful clock jquery and with the help from the community at tutorialzine for the codes to change from clock to be timer.

Who can use this?

It is open to everyone who want to support the Earth Our campaign by putting this template as their homepage for only 1hour(from 8.30-9.30pm)and after that you can change it back.If it is ahrd to do just created a temporary index.html file to cover up the default file then put this code : `'

Authors and Contributors

@myhyazid ,Martin Angelov from tzine

Support or Contact

Having trouble with this project?kindly go to wiki or issue tab on project page to report the problem.

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